exceeding carbide technology


All Turmond products are produced from a selection of or customized tungsten powders and are 100% from top European supplier named as Sandvik.
We supply different grades, either cobalt or nickel based with consistent high quality.


A wide range of high technological pressing and forming machines permit us to produce parts in different dimensions and shapes with high accuracy from small to massive products.

Sintering process

Sintering of tungsten carbide produced from us is processed with the two most common and important technologies: HIP sintering and standard sintering.

Stock and Material Analysis

All our standard powder grades are carefully stocked in order to guarantee a prompt and fast reaction to any customer's request. Every lot and single production is constantly analyzed in our laboratory where we can make a complete material inspection.


Grinding machines and automotion at the state of the art combined with the finest Italian manufacturing and know how to raise Turmond products from a tungsten carbide wear part to your best technological solution.

Automation and Technology

Optimized productivity: this is our daily goal in a continuous research to the highest technologies standards.