From OEM to custom made
tungsten carbide solutions

Blades and milled cutterhead

We supply a wide range of high performance carbide blades and milled cutter heads for the fiberglass industry. TURMOND is at the forefront of developing chemistries and hardness specific to chopping glass fibers and has been doing so since 2001. TURMOND Milled Cutterheads are solid 100% tungsten carbide and offer impressive results on lifetime cycles. We regrind our blades and cutterheads and average of 6 cycles making them much more economical than steel versions. Each blade and cutterhead cycle life ranges from 250 to 1400 hours depending on product, glass composition and throughput.

Glass shear blades

Engineered with specific chemistry and geometries projected and adapted to customers' needs. Turmond shear blades can reach impressive performances in terms of lifetime and cut quality (no shear mark), guaranteeing amazing advantages in production.